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Environmental Protection

Energy and Environmental Protection
As the world keeps getting warmer, more stringent standards will be imposed on the carbon dioxide emission. Given the rising energy and raw material price, it has become a more pressing priority for steel industry to save energy and protect environment.

Donghe Company has long been committed to the research and development, and subsequent introduction and application of new energy-saving and environmental protection technology for the metallurgical industry. For entrepreneurs, energy saving and environmental protection not only means their commitment to the society, it is also a wise choice for long-term investment.

Introduction to the Main Field of Technology
Annealing Furnace Waste Heat Recovery
A good example of energy saving and environmental protection is with the waste heat recovery technology, by which the lost heat of the annealing furnace in our continuous annealing lines can be recovered. Heat recovery is realized when the 400°C to 600°C hot exhaust gas passes through the heat exchanger for heat exchange. The resulting heat can then be used to heat the cleaning solution in the washer. Other uses of the heat are during the hot air blowing process, and for passivation treatment of strip steel surface within the oven. Heat recovery saves the extra cost that users otherwise would spend on buying a new steam generator, and reduces the use of energy while at the same, meeting the production need.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation in Curing Oven of Color Coating Line
The catalytic combustion technology is utilized to purify the off-gas emitted from the curing oven of the color coating line. The energy that is produced during the purification of exhaust gas will return to the curing oven for re-use. This not only ensures less emission is created, but the use of energy during color coating is also minimized.