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Custom Solutions for Strip Processing Lines

For an effective strip processing line design, we expect customers to provide us with the following information, as understanding customer needs is always the first step to ensuring a successful customer service.

1. Annual Output
2. Main application areas (Are you using it in the building material industry, decoration industry, or household appliance manufacturing industry?)
3. Categories of steel coil products by sizes
4. Percentage of all steel coil products that fall within a specific size range
5. Maximum weight per coil of steel raw material
6. Maximum outside diameter per coil of steel raw material
7. Maximum inside diameter per coil of steel raw material
8. Maximum weight per coil of steel product
9. Maximum inside diameter per coil of steel product
10. What kind of energy source do you prefer for heating in the annealing furnace, electricity or natural gas?
11. Area, length, width, and height of the existing factory
12. Layout drawing of the factory to be used to accommodate the coil processing line

Based on the information listed in the above, we can work out a suitable coil processing solution encompassing the following aspects.

1. Major scheme for the production line
2. Production line layout design
3. The energy used for powering the production line-electricity, natural gas, water, and compressed air
4. Suggestions on factory arrangement
5. Requirements for the hoisting equipment in the factory
6. Suggestions on overall process flow and equipment arrangement

We encourage you to write down as many requirements and questions as possible so that we can better meet your needs.