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1. Prior to purchase, we can make a schematic diagram of the strip processing line based on customer requirements. We encourage customers to take a guided tour to our company. Of course, we also would like to pay a visit to customer’s company.
2. Before the project for custom designed coil processing line is kicked off, we will sign a technical agreement with our client, and discuss the mode of payment as well as the project-related costs. After the agreement is reached, both parties shall comply with the requirements stated in the agreement.
3. Our coil processing equipment carries a one-year warranty. It will be maintained and serviced throughout its life cycle. Upon receiving a call from domestic customers, we will assign our technicians to go to customers’ place for onsite service.
We also prepare specialized technicians for foreign services. Upon clients requesting an onsite technical support, our mechanical engineers and electrical engineers will take the earliest possible flight to get to customers’ company.
4. We are responsible for the design, installation and service of our product.