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Sales Cases Study

Domestic Business
In 2003, we were tasked with designing and manufacturing color coating line and galvanizing line for Huaxi Group Corporation. Within one year, the project was completed and the two lines were put into operation. Later, we designed the steel plate galvalume line, thick steel plate galvalume line, steel plate pickling line, and steel plate degreasing line for Huaxi Group. Altogether, we delivered 6 production lines to Huaxi, which enabled the company to form a complete processing line that is capable of producing a full range of steel plate products.

Another contract was signed with Dalishen Science and Technology Company in 2007 for strip steel galvanizing line project. We also assisted the company to draw up and gradually carry out the general plant development plan and general auxiliary equipment layout plan. The galvanizing line was put in operation in 2008. With our compelling design team, unrivaled product quality, and integrated after-sales service, Donghe Company then designed and manufactured 3 galvanizing lines and 1 silicon steel production line. At present, there are still 2 galvanizing lines under construction. Thus far, we have brought to Dalishen Company 6 production lines, thereby wining Dalishen’s loyalty.

International Business
From 2007, we began to take on international project. Initially, we were charged with the task of designing steel plate galvalume line for Hoa Sen Group. We incorporated into the galvalume line the advanced technology of “two furnaces in three positions”, to serve a dual purpose of galvanizing and galvaluming. This dual-function production line can either produce galvanized products or galvalume products, depending on the varying market needs.

Due to the optimized design, fast manufacturing, and efficient installation service, the galvalume line kicked off before the global financial storm arrives. This timely delivery enables Hoa Sen Company to take preemptive opportunity in the market and subsequently gain huge profits. Since Hoa Sen’s first-time cooperation with us was rather pleasant, the company went on closing another deal with us. This time, we were asked to produce the continuous strip steel picking line, thick steel plate galvaluming line, strip steel color coating line, and steel sheet galvanizing line. The successful operation of the steel strip galvanizing line in March this year marked the completion of the sixth production line that we ever delivered to Hoa Sen Company.

Operation witin Hoa Sen Company is in a Steady State Operation witin Hoa Sen Company is in a Steady State