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Donghe Strip Manufacture Company was founded in 2003 when a team of technical specialists from one Bejing metallurgical machinery company came to Yadong Electric Furnace Factory for cooperation.

Long before Donghe Company was started, Yadong Company had set out to produce galvanneal furnace and bell annealing furnace for use in the hot dip galvanizing line. The Beijing technical experts brought to Yadong a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in the design of galvanizing and color coating lines. Hence, since the very beginning, Donghe Company has had what it takes to design and manufacture complete galvanizing and color coating lines.

At the start, Donghe’s primary focus was on the design and manufacture of galvanizing line and color coating line. From there, the company derived its name as Donghe Color Coating and Galvanizing Equipment Manufacture Company.

In 2006, Donghe Company added new coil processing lines, in order to keep up with the expanding businesses and rising customer expectations. Donghe’s new products include the continuous pickling line, electrolytic tinning line, rewinding line, degreasing line, and bright annealing line. Subsequently in the same year, the company was renamed to Donghe Strip Manufacture Company.

Along with the increasing market share and rising influence, Donghe receives higher praise from customers. Before 2006, the company mainly assisted other companies in manufacturing products to be exported. From 2006 onward, the company began to take on international projects independently. Since then, Donghe Company has exported products every year, to Bangladesh, Vietnam, Jordan, and Uzbekistan.

The financial crisis that swept across the globe since 2008 has led to a setback to the expansion of domestic metallurgy industry. Facing the serious situation, Donghe decided to shift its focus to developing technology, requiring not only more advanced equipment but also enhanced level of processing technique. Even since then, the race has been on to strengthen the capacity for technology research and development, improve the quality level of product, reduce the use of raw material and energy, and add new product lines.

In 2009, the company was granted 1 invention patent and 7 utility model patents by China Patent Bureau. In the same year, Donghe built up the Strip Steel Processing Equipment Engineering Research Center, which was approved by Wuxi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. The manufacturing equipment for ultra-slim galvanized plate was identified as the High-Tech Product by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province.

Advances in technology provide the fundamental basis for the development in. Quality management and customer service are Donghe’s top two priorities. Through years of hard work and dedication, the company has built a successful brand and received high praise. From the initial galvanizing line to today’s business in full blossom, Donghe is expanding beyond the domestic market into the whole world, with the promise to make contribution to solving customer needs for strip processing machinery.