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On January 18 2004, the sheet steel color coating line was successfully put into operation in Huaxi Group Corporation after 7 months of design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning. This date marked the establishment of the first strip processing line in Huaxi Color Steel Plate Company. On that date, deputy general manager Xiede Wu of Huaxi Group and leaders from Huaxi Group subsidiaries came over to the site for guided tour.

On March 29 2004, Donghe Company had the galvanizing line completed and kick-started in Huaxi Group. This date marked the realization of Huaxi Group goal, which was to put two production lines into place in 9 months. The first production line, namely the color coating line, started operating in January that year. Pictured above was our general manager Xiang Yang and related leaders of Huaxi Color Steel Plate Company checking the quality of newly-produced galvanized plates.

On May 13 2006, a contract was signed between us and a Bangladesh client from Buildtrade Color Coat Company. We were asked to design and manufacture a color coating line for Buildtrade. In the above picture, our president Jiangang Lu and Buildtrade general manager Zarka were signing the contract.

We also assisted Jijing Science and Technology Company in designing and manufacturing the galvanizing line. The production line was completed on February 6, 2007. It was once built on a pond. The above picture showed Jijing Company president Chunquan Wang and deputy general manager Yaoqing Sun was tying a red satin to their first coil of galvanized plate they ever produced by using the galvanizing line.

On January 20 2008, the color coating line was put into place in Buildtrade Color Coat Company. This date marked the end of the days when Bangladeshi people did not have a modern continuous color coating line. Shown in the picture were our engineering technicians and operators standing in front of the color coating line.

On March 28, our first strip steel galvaluming line was delivered on time to Hoa Sen Company. The first coil of steel plate produced by our galvaluming line was as good as it got.

On February 23 2009, Buildtrade Color Coat Company general manager, along with operators working on the production line, came to our company to receive technical training. Pictured above was our deputy general manager Yongsong Zhang was giving a lecture to them.

On April 8 2010, leaders of Donghe Company came to Hoa Sen Company in Vietnam. They discussed with Hoa Sen Group leaders the progress that Hoa Sen Company had achieved in installing and operating the tick steel plate galvaluming line, steel plate color coating line, and steel plate pickling line. Furthermore, leaders from both companies shared their thoughts on the further development plan. Shown in the above picture were the Hoa Sen leaders explaining their development plan to Donghe Company leaders.

The thick steel plate galvanizing line and dual-purpose galvaluming line were put into operation in Hoa Sen Group on April 8, 2010. Pictured above was Hoa Sen Group inviting us to come to their site for guided tour.

A foundation stone laying ceremony was held on October 29, 2010, to kick off the construction project of Saiyuan Strip Steel Company factory to accommodate our galvanizing line and color coating line. Bengbu City governors also participated in the ceremony.

On February 25 2011, Bengbu City governors took an inspection tour to the Saiyuan color coating factory construction site. During the tour, Donghe general manager Xiang Yang made a brief report on the progress of the project to governors.

In January 2013, Donghe built up the Strip Steel Processing Equipment Engineering Research Center, which was approved by Wuxi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. Researchers from this center, along with their peers in other domestic research institutions, do cutting edge research across the country that would contribute to the innovation and development of China steel sheet processing equipment manufacturing industry.

On March 22, 2013, Donghe’s former president and incumbent president, together with employee representatives, attended the memorial ceremony of Wu Renbao, the famous CPC secretary of Huaxi Village. Before his death, Wu Renbao had pinned high hopes on our company and offered us great support.

In 2003, the old secretary invited our former president Lu Xuliang to a site in Huaxi Village that had been prepared for the construction of a factory to accommodate the galvanizing line and color coating line. Wu pointed to a big piece of land facing them and said: “This land is for you, old sport. I am planning to build a modern facility for strip steel production. Reckon you could do something about it.” Ten years has passed since that day. The previously wasted land is now home to a large-scale production base. There, the hot-rolled steel plate can undergo a complete set of processes from pickling, galvanizing, annealing, galvanizing, color coating, and degreasing with 6 production lines. Old secretary’s expectation on us has been met.