Donghe Strip Manufacture Co., ltd.
Add.: Jiangsu Province, China.
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Company Profile

From aerospace to automobiles, the practical applications of strip steel are near limitless. There is always a demand for premium metals. As a bastion of quality in the strip steel industry, DONGHE is renowned for its work with plain carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel. Customers can purchase with confidence—we are an established Chinese manufacturer of coil strip processing lines. To fully accommodate the diverse needs of our clientele, robust customization options are offered. Simply provide us with requirements such as production capacity and intended application and we will deliver a complete steel coil processing solution, tailor made just for you.

Our company specializes in the development, installation, and configuration of large-format strip processing lines including the color coating line, hot dip galvanizing line, continuous pickling and annealing line, etc. Expert processing, servicing, and technical support are available for matching equipment sets commonly associated with these lines.

Incorporated in 2003, we are presently headquartered within the Wuxi City of Jiangsu Province. Close proximity to the Xigang Highway grants us excellent accessibility to major logistics routes. In 2006, we successfully passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System certification. In 2009, we became recognized as a “Private Technology Enterprise of Jiangsu”. In 2010, we were designated as a “High-Tech Enterprise of Wuxi”. In the same year, our ultra-thin galvanized plate manufacturing equipment was declared a “High-Tech Product of Jiangsu”. In 2012, the local municipality approved the establishment of the DONGHE Engineering Research Centre for Strip Processing Machinery. This modern facility is now home to a professional staff of 35 R&D personnel.

Supported by cutting-edge technology, our company has successfully introduced a complete series of strip processing lines. These energy-efficiency equipment sets are distinguished by their stability and environmental friendliness. In compliance with the national initiative for energy consumption and wastage reduction, DONGHE effectively utilizes heat-recovery technology to recycle residual heat from the galvanizing line for the efficient heating of cleansing solutions in the cleaning unit. Our color coating line implements either catalytic combustion or incineration to burn off-gas, which then generates heat for the drying oven.

Continuous investment in efficient processing techniques and energy-saving technologies has distinguished our company from the competition. Thus far we have obtained 8 patents for products including the radiant tube heat exchanger, suction & squeeze roll, five-partition cooling system, furnace door sealing device, water-cooled bearing pedestal, color-coating machine, and the telescopic device for horizontal heating devices.

Our on-site support team has nearly a decade of hands-on experience. This professional taskforce has serviced customers nationwide in regions including Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning, and Tianjin. We also have regular customers overseas in countries such as Vietnam, Jordan, and Bangladesh.

DONGHE firmly believes that honesty is still the best policy. As a modern enterprise, we closely adhere to proven methods of scientific management. With customer care as a top priority, we strive to enhance the product quality via technological innovation. While providing satisfying services for our valued clientele, we seek to further develop the market and expand our horizon.