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We recruit 25 technical specialists to make up our engineering team. Three of them hold a senior title. Another 7 are with the intermediate title. There are also 7 junior title holders. All these technicians are working at the forefront of product design and manufacture, taking responsibilities and have opportunities to get the hands-on experience. More than half of them have been working in the galvanizing equipment industry for more than 8 years. Hence they have gained great skills and a wealth of experience in what they are doing.

After-Sales Service
In terms of after sales service, Donghe Company retains competitive edges over its major domestic rivals. Each of Donghe products carries one-year warranty. Donghe steel coil processing equipment will be serviced throughout its life cycle.

Upon receiving a call from customers within China, we will assign our technicians to go to your place for site service in as soon as 24 hours.

We also prepare specialized technicians for foreign services. Our men have valid visas for client countries. Upon clients requesting door-step service, our mechanical engineers and electrical engineers will take the earliest possible flight to get to their company.

Raw Material Control
At Donghe, raw materials are sourced from Angang Steel Company, Shougang Steel Company, and many other well-known steel companies. The production equipment and spare parts are of domestic well-known, reliable brands. There are also strict procedures for inspecting and controlling the sourcing of raw materials and production equipment.