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  • Hot Dip Galvanizing Line and Galvalume Line (for Strip Steel) At our hot-dip galvanizing line and galvalume line, the original coil stock is firstly uncoiled, subsequently goes through cleaning, annealing, galvanizing or galvalume, chromizing, and oiling processes, and finally rewound to form finished products.
  • Continuous Pickling Line(for Strip Steel) The continuous pickling line is where the strip steel coil is pre-treated before being cold rolled. Its main function is to rid the steel surface of any tough deposits of oxides. Main processes taking place on this strip processing line are pickling, water cleaning, drying, and trimming.
  • Continuous Annealing Line (for Silicon Steel) The continuous annealing furnace and all other steel processing machinery for composing the continuous annealing line are made by our own technicians. Our technical specialists are also responsible for on-site installation and operator training. Hence customers can rely on our product quality and integrated after-sales service.
  • Continuous Annealing Line (For Strip Steel)This strip processing line utilizes a floor-standing continuous annealing furnace to replace the previous bell annealing furnace that can only operate intermittently. This ensures higher productivity.
  • Bright Annealing Line(For Stainless Steel) Our bright annealing line can cope with wide-width steel plate. Under high temperature, the stainless steel goes through age hardening and rapid cooling process so that a glossy surface can be achieved.
  • Electrolytic Tinning Line (for Strip Steel)The electrolytic tinning line uses phenosulfonic acid as the electrolyte solution, which allows the strip steel to be tin-coated continuously on both the front side and back side. The electroplating equipment supports varied thickness coating on two sides of steel.
  • Color Coating Line (for Strip Steel) Our patented color coating line creates a mix of benefits to appeal to customers. With this coil coating machine, a uniform coating, accurate coating thickness measurement accuracy, and reduced setup time can be achieved to ensure product quality and improve productivity.
    1. Cleaning UnitAs one of the necessary unit for composing our coil processing lines, the cleaning unit is mainly used to scour any oil and grime from the surface of strip steel and prepare it for the subsequent annealing and galvanizing process.
    1. Continuous Annealing FurnaceThe continuous annealing furnace is a commonly used style of heat treatment furnace responsible for electrical steel annealing. It serves a purpose of eliminating the internal strain in the cold-rolled steel via a process known as re-crystallization.
    1. Annealing Furnace The annealing furnace used for consisting of our hot dip galvanizing line has a key role to play in the production process. It is comprised of the pre-heating section, heating section, uniform heating section and rapid cooling section.
    1. Tension LevelerThe tension leveler is a piece of strip steel finishing equipment. It stretches, bends, and straightens the strip, thereby eliminating edge wave, coil set, cross bow, camber, and a combination of defects. The result is that the steel strip obtains improved quality.
    1. Steel Storage Unit The steel storage unit is an indispensable item in our coil processing line to ensure there is always enough stock of steel coil available for continuous production. According to different circumstances on the production line, this coil processing equipment can be made into floor-standing type or horizontal version.
    1. Welding MachineDuring the continuous galvanizing or galvaluming process, the head of one carbon steel coil being loaded onto the production line needs to be welded to the tail of coil being processed by the line.
    1. Electrostatic OilerThe electrostatic coating machine supports flexible control on the amount of oil to be applied to the steel strip surface. The oil amount varies in response to the speed at which the strip is moved, so that the oiling speed remains constant. The excess oil will be recycled.
    1. Roll CoaterIn terms of driving mode, our roll coater adopts the independent drive manner. Each roll is separately equipped with a drive motor. As with this drive motor, the rotating direction and rotating speed can be changed within their allowable range.
    1. Drying Oven The industrial drying oven is comprised of oven body, internal ducting, cross-flow oven, air circulation fan, and external ducting. It promotes drying by efficient application of air re-circulated heat. Hot air is repeatedly sent into the oven body in order that the oven can maintain a relatively constant temperature.
    1. Bell Annealing FurnaceHeating energy sources available for the heat treatment furnace include the electricity, gas and oil. During the annealing process, the inner over seals in a protective atmosphere that contains a large portion of hydrogen and a small portion of nitrogen.

Donghe Company focuses on the design and manufacture of sheet metal coil processing lines for use before and after the cold rolling process. The continuous pickling machine, for example, is used to remove scale and other impurities from the steel surface before the steel is cold rolled. After the cold rolling process is completed, the galvanizing line, electrolytic tinning line, annealing line, color coating line, degreasing equipment, and rewinder can be employed to work the steel and prepare it for its intended purpose.

Common sizes of the strip steel that can be processed with the above coil processing equipment are between 0.2mm and 3.0mm for thickness, and between 700mm and 1500mm for width. Depending on the parameters specified on your drawing, we can customize the sheet metal coil processing lines. Please refer to our SOLUTION page for the list of data that customers should provide for a custom made strip processing line.