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Roll Coater

Also called a roller coater, the roll coater is a piece of metal coating equipment used to apply coating to the steel strip surface. It utilizes a roll to carry the coating. As the roll rotates, a layer of wet film with a certain amount of thickness forms around the roll surface. During the rotation, the roll maintains contact with the object to be coated. Via this process, the coating is evenly applied to the surface of the object.

Our roll coater mainly copes with objects with a flat surface. The device is widely used to coat the metal plate, plywood, cloth, and paper, but it is especially suitable for the coating of coil.

Features of the Roll Coater
Everything you get out of coating process is affected by the kind of paint and roll you put into it. The coating thickness and quality directly relates the roll material, configuration, rotating direction, speed ratio, and supply of coating. In terms of driving mode, our roll coater adopts the independent drive manner. Each roll is separately equipped with a drive motor. As with this drive motor, the rotating direction and rotating speed can be changed within their allowable range. Hence, it is safe to say that our roll coating machine is easy to use.

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