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Electrostatic Oiler

The electrostatic oiler enables a high-voltage electrostatic field to form between the steel plate surface and a layer of protective oil. This electric filed is the reason why the oil can be broken down into smaller oil grains that are evenly distributed and tightly bonded to the steel strip surface.

The electrostatic oiler is comprised of four parts: oiling chamber, oil supply and heating system, high-voltage power supply system, and electrical control and operation panel.

Features of the Electrostatic Oiler
The electrostatic coating machine supports flexible control on the amount of oil to be applied to the steel strip surface. The oil amount varies in response to the speed at which the strip is moved, so that the oiling speed remains constant. The excess oil will be recycled. The electrostatic oiling machine supports both manually and automatically operation. When the manual operation mode is selected, users can press certain buttons on the panel to simulate the oiling speed change over time. Under normal operating condition, these buttons are automatically controlled.

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