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Welding Machine

During the continuous galvanizing or galvaluming process, the head of one carbon steel coil being loaded onto the production line needs to be welded to the tail of coil being processed by the line. That is where our welding machine comes in, to ensure a continuous, uninterrupted feeding the steel strip onto the line without slowing down the process.

Narrow-lap seam welding technique is utilized during the welding process. A wide selection of lap-seam widths is available, ranging between 1mm and 5mm. The strip welding machine supports adjustable speed from 3mm/min to 8mm/min.

Our steel welding equipment also comes with other functions, such as automatic shearing, automatic centering, automatic inspection of welding joint, and switch off.

Features of the Welding Machine
As with the narrow-lap process, the sheet metal welder can automatically check whether the high-voltage wheels are in physical contact with the steel strip. If they are, then the discharge circuit will be started to initiate welding. Once it is found that the wheel is displaced away from the strip steel, the circuit will be shut off immediately.

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