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Cleaning Unit for Coil Processing Lines

As one of the necessary unit for composing our coil processing lines, the cleaning unit is mainly used to scour any oil and grime from the surface of strip steel and prepare it for the subsequent annealing and galvanizing process. The result of this coil processing equipment relates directly the quality of finished galvanized strip steel.

The cleaning unit is comprised of the degreasing plant, electrolytic degreasing plant, cleaning phase-1, cleaning phase-2, cleaning phase-3, brusher roll, and squeegee roll. In the degreasing section, a degreasing chemical is used to remove the oil and grime from the surface of strip steel. The steel strip cleaning system performs electrolytic degreasing by applying large current to the strip steel at a low voltage. Direct the gas produced from the electrolyte solution to the surface of the strip steel, in an effort to scour any impurities of the strip surface. After degreasing, the strip steel needs to go through three cleaning processes to meet the cleanness standard.

The cleaning unit plays an important role in our continuous annealing lines.

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