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Annealing and Pickling Line(For Stainless Steel)

Stainless Steel Annealing and Pickling Line
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Hot rolled stainless steel needs to be pre-treated before being cold rolled. That is why our annealing and pickling line has become an indispensable unit for stainless steel coil processing. The purpose of annealing line is to soften the strip steel, relieve its internal stress and restore some ductility, while pickling line is a process whereby the oxide scale produced during hot rolling is removed from the steel strip surface.

The annealing furnace has a big role to play on the annealing and pickling line. Through the hands-on experience gained over the years, our technicians have invented the horizontal type telescopic device that facilitates the retracting and drawing forward motion of the furnace chamber within the furnace housing. During the furnace chamber movement, little friction is produced and the internal stress of the furnace chamber is small enough to reduce the probability of deformation. In the event of thermal contraction or expansion, the furnace chamber can be moved freely avoid thermal deformation, thereby maximally reducing the potential hazard in the annealing and pickling line.

Process Flow of the Annealing and Pickling Line
Coil Transfer Car—Pay-Off Reel--1# CPC Controlled Steering Roll (Uncoiling)—Tension Leveler with Pinch Roll—Crop Shear—Welding Machine--1# Bridle Roll—Deflector Roll--2# CPC Controlled Steering Roll (Single-Roll)—Entry Slack Sloop--3# CPC Controlled Steering Roll (Dual-Roll)-- 2# Bridle Roll—Tension Measuring Machine—Horizontal Type Annealing Furnace—Cooling Unit—Hot Air Blowpipe--4# CPC Controlled Steering Roll (Three-Roll)—Shot Blasting Machine--3# Bridle Roll—Pickling Bath 1—Pickling Bath 2—Pickling Bath 3—Rinse Tank—Hot Air Blowpipe--5# CPC Controlled Steering Roll (Dual-Roll)-- 4# Bridle Roll—Tension Leveler --5# Bridle Roll—Exit Slack Loop--6# CPC Controlled Steering Roll (Single Roll)—Welding Defect Detector--6# Bridle Roll—Crop Shear—Pinch Roll—Recoiler—Recoiler Paper Stuffer—Coil Transfer Car

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