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Floor-Standing Type Steel Plate Bright Annealing Furnace
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Bright Annealing Line(For Stainless Steel)

The bright annealing line is one of our well received coil processing lines especially designed for stainless steel annealing. On the stainless steel bright annealing line, the cold-rolled stainless steel plate is subjected to a process of heating at high temperature and then slow cooling, all in an atmosphere that contains high concentration of hydrogen gas. The bright annealing system finally provides the steel plate with a bright surface.

Our bright annealing line can cope with wide-width steel plate. Under high temperature, the stainless steel goes through age hardening and rapid cooling process so that a glossy surface can be achieved.

Process Flow of the Bright Annealing Line
Coil Transfer Car—Pay-Off Reel—Pinch Roll—Shear—Pinch Roll—Slack Loop—Cleaning Machine—Drying Machine—Bridle Roll—Steering Roll—Furnace Entry—Furnace in High-Concentration Hydrogen Atmosphere—Hydrogen Spraying and Cooling Section—Bridle Roll—Steering Roll—Tension Measuring Roll—Shear—Pinch Roll—Cantilever Type Recoiler—Coil Transfer Car

As an expert in steel coil processing equipment, we provide not only bright annealing lines for stainless steel but also continuous annealing lines for silicon steel.

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