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Continuous Pickling Line(for Strip Steel)

The continuous pickling line is where the strip steel coil is pre-treated before being cold rolled. Its main function is to rid the steel surface of any tough deposits of oxides. Main processes taking place on this strip processing line are pickling, water cleaning, drying, and trimming.

Process Flow of the Continuous Pickling Line
Coil Transfer Car—Pay-Off Reel—Movable Guard—7-Roll Tension Leveler with Pinch Rolls—Vertical-Type Strip-Centering Device--—Crop Shear with Pinch Roll—Corner Cutter with Scrap Discharge Basket—Vertical Type Strip-Centering Device—Backwashing Tank—Pickling Bath—Washing Bath—Hot Air Blowpipe—Vertical Type Strip-Centering Device—Pinch Roll—Exit Loop-Storage Pit (with pivotable arc-shaped roller table)—Vertical Type Strip Centering Roll—Pinch Roll—Circle Shear—Trim Winder—3-Roll Bridle Roll—Oiler—Dual-Function Deflector Pinch Roll—Movable Guard—Rewinder—Coil Transfer Car

As a coil processing line specialist in China, we can also produce other styles of metal surface treatment equipment in addition to continuous pickling lines. Included are continuous annealing line, bright annealing line, etc. We welcome you to contact us if you are looking for automated lines for steel processing.

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