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Electrolytic Tinning Line(for Strip Steel)

As one of our most widely accepted coil processing equipment, the electrolytic tinning line is used to coat a thin layer of tin onto the surface of steel strip coils via a process known as electroplating. Activities taking place along the electroplating line are degreasing, cleaning, electrolytic tinning, reflowing, and passivating.

1. Processing method: Ferrostan Electrolytic Tinning. The electrolytic tinning line uses phenosulfonic acid as the electrolyte solution, which allows the strip steel to be tin-coated continuously on both the front side and back side. The electroplating equipment supports varied thickness coating on two sides of steel. This is achieved by controlling the concentration of the electrolyte solution.
2. The electrolytic tinning line is a plating machine especially designed for strip steel.
3. The tin plating thickness: 2.80g/m2(25#); 5.60g/m2(50#)

Process Flow of the Electrolytic Tinning Line
Coil Transfer Car—Unwinder—Pinch Roll—Shear—Coil Gathering Pinch Roll—Electric Resistance Seam Welding—Bridle Roll—Coil Storage Device—Steering Roll—Chemical Degreasing—Spray Cleaning—Bridle Roll—Tension Leveler—Bridle Roll—Chemical Degreasing Section-Immersion Cleaning—Spray Cleaning—Electrolytic Pickling and Surface Activation Section—Water Cleaning—Spray Cleaning—Steering Roll—Electrolytic Tinning Bath—Water Cleaning—Steel Plate Adjustment Section—Hot Air Blowpipe—Reflowing Process—Passivating Section—Immersion Cleaning—Drying Chamber—Deflector Roll—Bridle Roll—Material Storage Device—Bridle Roll—Electrolytic Oiler—Pinch Roll—Pinch Roll—Shear—Pinch Roll—Rewinder—Coil Transfer Car

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