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Strip Processing Line & Coil Processing Equipment Manufacturer

Whether you're looking for a complete strip processing line or just a new set of tension leveler or annealing furnace to replace your old equipment, DONGHE has your solution. For over a decade, we have been designing and manufacturing coil processing lines and coil processing equipment for thermal and surface treatment of strip coils made of silicon steel, stainless steel and carbon steel. Our flagship products include continuous annealing line, continuous pickling line, hot dip galvanizing line, color coating line and electrolytic tinning line. These strip processing lines are important to improve the quality of final products. Empowered by highly experienced and skilled engineers, we are able to customize the coil processing line according to client side production requirements.More >>

Main products
    1. Hot Dip Galvanizing Line and Galvalume Line   <small>(for Strip Steel)</small>
    2. Hot Dip Galvanizing Line and Galvalume Line (for Strip Steel) At our hot-dip galvanizing line and galvalume line, the original coil stock is firstly uncoiled, subsequently goes through cleaning, annealing, galvanizing or galvalume, chromizing, and oiling processes, and finally rewound to form finished products.
    1. Continuous Pickling Line<small>(for Strip Steel)</small>
    2. Continuous Pickling Line(for Strip Steel) The continuous pickling line is where the strip steel coil is pre-treated before being cold rolled. Its main function is to rid the steel surface of any tough deposits of oxides. Main processes taking place on this strip processing line are pickling, water cleaning, drying, and trimming.
    1. Continuous Annealing Line <small>(For Strip Steel)</small>
    2. Continuous Annealing Line (For Strip Steel)This strip processing line utilizes a floor-standing continuous annealing furnace to replace the previous bell annealing furnace that can only operate intermittently. This ensures higher productivity.